Japan & Sri Lanka Food & Nutrition program

Dr. Udayangani Ratnayake, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Medicine & Allied Sciences, Rajarata University  ( current JAGAAS Secretary) who is an Alumni from Ehime University, Matsuyama  as the National Coordinator of the Ehime/Japan Sri Lanka Food & Nutrition program and official trainee for the Value added Fish Processing Program 2014-2015  visited Ehime Prefecture with her Rajarata University colleague Dr. TV Sundarabarathy Rajarata University in November 2014. They were given a two weeks training in Food & Nutrition related to Japanese traditional and modern fish based popular foods such as Jakoten, Chikuwa, Kamoboko and fish udon at the Ehime Food Research Institute under the coordination of Ehime Prefectural International Centre. They were also ushered by the Ehime Prefecture Governors office and the Minister of Economics and then Vice President of Ehime University, Ehime University International Center