Year 2013/2014

Executive Committee Members of JAGAAS – 2013/2014
For the Year 2013/2014
(Proposed and approved at the AGM held on 30th May 2013)

President: H.D. Karunaratne (President)
Vice-President: Prof. Mangala De Soyza
General Secretary: Dr. UdayanganiRatnayake
Assistant Secretary: Dr. K.A.S.P. Kaluarachchi
Treasurer: Mr. A. Peramune
Editors: Dr. N.N.J. NawaratneDr. M. SamanDassanayake, Dr. (Mrs.) KumudineiDissanayake,
Prof. Tamara Atauda

Committee Members

Mr. Merrick Gooneratne: To coordinate with the Japanese companies and institutions in Sri Lanka

Mr. Chandra Fernando: To coordinate with Public Sector institutions

Prof. SamithaManawadu: Represent and coordinate in the University of Moratuwa

Mr. P.B. Munasinghe: To coordinate with the University of Peradeniya

Prof. Patrick Rathnayake: Represent and coordinate in the University of Kelaniya

Dr. Sunil JayanthaNawaratne: To coordinate with other universities and Higher Educational institutions

Prof. SampathAmarathunga: Represent and coordinate in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Mr. D.B.P.H. Disabandara: To represent Fiscal and Financial Sector

Prof. N.S. Cooray: To coordinate with the Sri Lankan academics in Japan

Dr. UdayanganiRatnayake: To represent and coordinate with the Rajarata University